Bemer 3000 Classic

Bemer 3000 Classic

BEMER is a perfect solution to improve the state of health of every family member!

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BEMER therapy is a treatment by weak pulse train electromagnetic field.

The main BEMER action result is improvement of blood circulation. It means that every cell of the body is much better fed by nutritive substances and is exempted of toxins, thus stimulating the improvement of immune system, increasing body resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

The device is designated for treatment of joints and rheumatic diseases (osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis); to eliminate pain of any nature (headaches, joint pains, back pains); to treat depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, stress, circulatory disturbances; to improve metabolism.

A long-term positive impact over the entire body. No side effects.

Preventive care:

  • Improved blood supply
  • Energy boost
  • Enhanced body self-regulation


  • Quick regeneration
  • Improved body condition
  • Increased endurance


  •     Improved concentration ability
  •     Increased physical endurance
  •     Boosted immune system


  •     Quicker recovery
  •     Better effect of medicines
  •     Considerable improvement of general condition


  •     Quicker wound healing
  •     Better bone coalescence
  •     Increased physical endurance and work capacity

The device is very easy to use. Nothing to be installed, everything is ready for treatment as from the first moment.

The device is really light-weighted for such a serious performance – 7.5 kg only…

The set includes:
- stylish control device with 14 programs and comprehensible user’s manual for treatment and preventive care of various health disorders;
- mat for the patient;
- locally used electromagnetic applicator;
- monitoring device for magnetic induction measurements;
- carrying case.

Our Health Centre professionals stay at your disposal for any kind of advice and are always ready to help you choosing an optimal program. You also have a possibility to undergo a treatment course of BEMER therapy at the ROS Health Centre.
Health improvement assisted by the BEMER 3000 device is a physiological and totally safe procedure.

In order to obtain the best results, you need to choose necessary programs and their duration. BEMER 3000 programs and treatments are chosen according to the patient’s complaints, health condition, possible contraindications. Only taking into consideration those factors, an optimal treatment program can be developed.


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