Tanita MC-980 MA

Tanita MC-980 MA

Tanita MC-980 MA provides a complete autonomous monitoring via special software application for a successful development of your business.

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Tanita MC-980 MA is a modern device providing the most complete body composition analysis with professional software application in 14 languages.

Tanita MC-980MA body composition analyzer allows to learn about the body composition much more than numerous expensive analyses and tests.

Tanita MC-980MA is a perfect tool for professional consultation at health and fitness issues.

The latest multifrequency BIA technology together with the elasticity of the built-in software for Microsoft® Windows® OS allows to provide quickly detailed and accurate data about the patient’s body composition and to follow the progress.

Tanita MC-980MA provides complete body composition analyses of medical level just within 30 seconds.

Tanita MC-980 specification:

Built-in Windows® operating system for maximum elasticity.

This is the first TANITA model to feature a full-function Windows® operating system with automatic updates. Work within the Windows® environment ensures convenient and accustomed work with data, possibility to transfer easily and simply data to a PC, to print it out, to share with other external sources.

Interactive touch-sensitive display

A large touch-sensitive display with prompting option will make the measurement procedure easy and comfortable. You can login a user in the system in order to store and recall measurement data within a certain period of follow-up or make a one-time measurement.

Complete analysis data and explanations of the results

Tanita MC-980 is based on an up-to-date, upgraded BIA technology (6 frequencies are used when scanning: 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 50 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz, and 1000 kHz). Due to the special platform design and its improved capacity (300 kg), the MC-980 model is suitable even for very obese patients.

After having obtained the measurement data, you can view the detailed result information by scrolling display pages. The information will also contain textual explanations of the measurement results.

Registration of users

Body composition data of the registered customers will be stored in the device’s memory. You can follow further the history and show to the customers their progress in order to support their motivation and understanding of the changes going on with their bodies over time.

Software application

Embedded software application is available in 14 languages. Detailed reports help to hold consultations, to prescribe treatment or fitness programs, to follow up the progress.

Detailed reports

After having performed the measurements, a complete report can be printed out at any printer compatible with Microsoft® Windows® for further discussion or use. For your convenience printer can be connected directly to MC980Uplus.

Database management

Database management system allows to analyse and to manage the data which can be used for research projects, as well as to advise customers, to evaluate the efficiency of health program’s. Data can be easily uploaded to any PC through a usual USB connection.

Mobile and portable device
Tanita MC-980 device is made of modules, which make its transportation particularly easy. TANITA MC-980 can be mounted in less than 5 minutes, special tools or equipment are not needed.

Built-in wheels allow to move easy the device to any convenient location.



A complete body composition analysis of a medical level just within 30 seconds, embedded software application in 14 languages, USB ports to connect the device to the PC, printer and other devices.


Body weight, kg

Total fat, %

Visceral fat level

Fat mass, kg

Non-fat tissue mass, kg

Muscle mass, kg

Bone mass, kg

Water, %

Total Body Water, kg

Extracellular water mass, kg

Intracellular water mass, kg

Intracellular Water and Total Body Water Ration (ECW/ TBW Ratio)

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Body mass index (BMI)

BMR Indication

Metabolic (biological) age

Physique rating

Protein estimation

Reactive resistance

5 segmental fat measurements, %

Segmental fat analysis, kg

Segmental fat distribution analysis

Segmental analysis of fat deposits

5 segmental muscle measurements

Segmental analysis of muscle mass

Segmental analysis of muscle mass balance

Leg muscles index

Segmental reactive resistance

Segmental phase angle

Specific features

Recall function

Athlete mode

Guest mode


SD card


Weighting max, kg : 300 кг

Measuring resolution : 0,1%/100 г

Understanding measurements

TANITA Company has developed and patented BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) method which forms the basis of operation of the TANITA body composition analyzers / monitors.

The principle of the method is the following: a very low, safe electrical signal of about 50 kHz or 500 mkA is being sent through the body (take a cell battery for the TV remote control in your hand – do you feel the electrical signal?).

The electrical power goes easily through liquids contained in muscle tissues, but faces difficulties when passing through fat tissues. Such resistance of fat tissue to electric flux is called bioelectrical impedance. Body composition analyzers detect bioelectrical impedance with a high accuracy rate.

TANITA Company has not only developed this unique technique, but created an extremely large data base of independent research and expertise data confirming that the TANITA analyzers are the most accurate of this type in the world. Operation of home use TANITA body composition analyzers is also based on the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) method which is certified by golden standards of DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) and UWW (Under Water Weighting).

TANITA is a world leading manufacturer of high precision electronic scales. All Company’s medical production range complies with the international quality standards, such as Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments European Directive 90/384/EEC. The accuracy, innovative character, and a long service life of TANITA products are recognized world-wide. The fact that TANITA is a member of the Japanese Quality Association, speaks for itself.

The index of total fat level of the body provides a percent ratio of fat tissue in relation to the total body weight. A high level of total body fat threats your health. However, a very low total fat percent is a sign of a disease (dystrophy, anorexia).

The fat enveloping internal organs serves as a protective cushion against mechanical impact. However, its excess leads to developing of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Muscle mass summarizes the mass of muscle tissues in the body, including skeletal and smooth muscles of internal organs, as well as water contained in these muscles. This measurement is important not only for athletes. Growth of muscle mass involves naturally decrease of excess fat tissues.

A parameter which is being calculated by a statistical method. Shows approximate value, depending on gender, age, and body particularities. Determines only bone mass, not bone density neither bone condition.

The total water amount in the body influences metabolic processes, absorption of microelements, and many other factors. A low total water level means health problems and wellbeing disturbances.

This value allows to determine the level of compliance of person’s body weight and height, thus, to estimate if the body weight is insufficient, normal, or excessive (obesity).

This value allows to determine the level of compliance of person’s body weight and height, thus, to estimate if the body weight is insufficient, normal, or excessive (obesity).

This measurement means the age and the state of your cells and your body, metabolic and energy processes taking place in the body etc. Generally, if this measurement exceeds your age, it means you need to increase your physical activity and think more about physical exercise.

Taking into consideration measurements of muscle and bone mass, Tanita will define your body type among 9 body constitution types: hidden obese, obese, solidly built, under exercised, standard, standard muscular, thin, thin and muscular, very muscular.

The monitoring of segmental fat percentage for every arm, leg, and abdomen will let you see and understand how efficient is your fitness program and the results it is bringing in the course of time.

The monitoring of segmental muscle mass separately for every arm, leg, and abdomen will help you to see and understand how your physical activities do influence the growth of muscle mass. You can also use the obtained data to avoid muscle disbalance and traumas.


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